Okie Dokie Childcare, Gym & Learning Center

Okie Dokie is a childcare, gym and learning center that seeks to offer to all parents that need to attend their commitments and obligations an alternative that is comfortable, dependable and secure for their children. Our services consist in caring and teaching kids between ages of 2 months to 4 years. To achieve our goals we offer integral development activities for the kids using the latest discoveries in kids development. Our goals are: 

§     To provide parents who are professionals and work in the metropolitan area and nearby, a safe and adequate place for the care and development of their children. 

§     Contribute to the education and early development of children helping them to accept and perform responsibly their duties and obligations with society.  

§     Encourage a good family relationship by providing the appropriate environment for the child care and integral development. 

§     Provide an environment that allow emotional, physical, social and intellectual development. 

Okie Dokie is located at Calle Eleanor Roosevelt #365, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. This excellent location allows parents to have easy access, being the best alternative for those who work in the metropolitan area. 

Okie Dokie is fully licensed by the Puerto Rico Department of Family and our standards meet or exceed the provinces requirements. The center is routinely inspected by the Health Department, Fire Department, and licensing officers from the Puerto Rico Department of Family. 


All of our staff meet or exceed the provinces requirement for educational achievement. Every classroom is headed by a teacher with a degree and have either formal training in early childhood education or equivalent training and experience. 

If you would like to register your child in Okie Dokie Childcare, Gym & Learning Center you can contact us to arrange an appointment: (787) 963-1120

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