The Babysitters

The babysitters in our platform are not employees of Okie Dokie at Home. They are pre-screened independent caregivers with child care experience. They arrive at your home with the skills needed to handle situations with children of all ages, have their CPR and First Aid training and know what to do if an emergency arises. Each babysitter has been screened to meet the following requirements:

Pre-Screening Qualifications: An initial online application is completed by each babysitter verifying that the applicant is at least 18 years of age, has reliable transportation and has childcare experience with children of different ages.

Interview: An interview is conducted with the child caregiver applicant to screen their character, professionalism and level of desire to work with children.

Background Investigation: A customized background investigation is conducted on each child care provider. Each investigation is customized to the babysitter's specific background history.

CPR & First Aid: A verification of the babysitter's CPR and First Aid proper training is conducted and they must update the status of their certifications from time to time.

Reference Checks: Several references may be contacted to verify the babysitter's work history and experience level with children. Only child care providers with positive references are accepted onto the platform.

Feedback: Once a babysitter is approved and accepted into our platform, parents can request their services and they will confirm upon availability. Continuous feedback is voluntarily gathered from member families.

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